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Society for Aviation History

   President's Message for March/April 2020

The first luncheon of 2020 was an enjoyable event with great food, great people, and a great guest speaker. Back Forty Texas BBQ in Pleasant Hill once again provided a tasty spread with all the fixin's on a sunny and uncharacteristically warm Saturday in February. Smiling faces were everywhere as a shared enthusiasm awaited Anandeep Pannu and his presentation about the history of the Consolidated B-24 Liberator and the Indian Air Force. Everyone was captivated by his depth of knowledge and personal connection with the aircraft including his time as co-pilot of Witchcraft, the Colling Foundation's B-24 that came from the Indian Air Force. Feedback about the meeting and presentation was overwhelmingly positive and a lot more detail about the entire event is in the great article later in this newsletter.

The February meeting was also a prime example of what The Society for Aviation History has to offer. Beyond the great food and guest speakers, our luncheons are a wonderful way to see friends and meet people with the same enthusiasm for aviation. Each meeting provides multiple opportunities to enhance existing knowledge or learn something new. For example, Bill Stubkjaer's quiz may be legendarily difficult, but it certainly is a fantastic method for picking up a new factoid (Who knew the Ryan FR Fireball was designed to meet a requirement established by Admiral John S. McCain, grandfather of the late senator, John S. McCain III?). Additionally, we have raffles, opportunities for sharing periodicals, and volunteers available to assist and answer questions. I strongly urge you to give a luncheon a try if you've ever been unsure whether or not to go.

Finally, I have an "open-door" policy and value any questions or constructive feedback you may have about our society. Feel free to reach me at the phone number to the right, or at daveo@sfahistory.org.

Dave Osgood


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