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- Newsletter Article and Photo Submission Guidelines -

An average 1-2 page layout article has 4-8 photos. The article should be 400-500 words, preferably in MS Word format. 10 photos should be included and will be used at the editor's discretion as space permits. Digital photos should be in .jpg or .tif format, Color, 300 dpi, 6 inches wide. At the end of the article please include captions for the 10 photos, numbered to match the photos file name. Please do not embed photos into the article or into emails. If the photos need to go in a specific place in the article, mark the place with the name of the photo in capital letters so the area is clearly identifiable. Articles will be edited to fit space available for that edition. Please ensure all names have been double checked for correct spelling.

Touch & Go editorial style:

* In journalism, only one space after the end of a sentence. (Yes, this is different than what you learned in typing class.) o Spell out acronyms on first use.

* Apostrophe S - shows possession. "The meeting's speaker was..." or "1950's technology" Incorrect: "In the 1930's..." Correct: "In the 1930s, ..."

* Book titles and movie names should be in italics

* Christened aircraft names should be italic (Sentimental Journey, FiFI). Note that aircraft model names should not be italic (Flying Fortress, Mitchell, etc.). Do not use quote marks to set the names off. State names

* Do not use Postal Code state abbreviations such as: CA, MD, use Calif., Md., Mont., etc.

* Spell out states of five letters or less: Alaska, Idaho, Texas Word usage:

* Spell out World War II (use capital i for II). Second World War is OK, WW2 is unacceptable.

*Words ending in "ly" are adjectives and by implication do not need a hyphen to modify the following word.

* Use "more than" when referring to a quantity, not "over" -- "More than 60 people attended March's educational program..."

*Over is a McDonald's marketing term: "Over 6 billion sold." "Above" refers to altitude or location in the sky ("Above 10,000 feet" or "Flying above San Francisco") Aircraft Types (with dash information in parenthesis)

* Ford TriMotor - "TriMotor" is a trademarked name, thus Ford TriMotor or Stinson Trimotor - note the capital "M"

*Vought F4U Corsair (F4U-1, F4U-4, etc.) Yes it matters where you put the dash.

* Goodyear FG-1 Corsair (FG-1D, etc.)

* Grumman aircraft: F7F Tigercat (F7F-3), F11F Tiger (F11F-1)

* Martin 202, 303, 404 (as per the type certificate. In marketing materials it was sometimes shown as 2-0-2, 4-0-4).

*Officer rank abbreviations: Lt. 1Lt. 2Lt. Capt. Maj. Lt. Col. Col. Brig. Gen. Lt. Gen. Maj. Gen. The abbreviation for a Navy Commander is Cdr. (old style, not used anymore was Cmdr.) In journalism, a Captain in military service it is "Capt." while a person who commands an airliner is a "Captain."


Contact editor for additional details, email address, and deadlines.

Editor and Design: Betty Veronico

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