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Society for Aviation History

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2024 Board of Directors:

President:  Nick Veronico

Vice President: Dave Osgood

Secretary:  Ron Close

Treasurer:   Dan Morgan

Director:  Roger Cain

Director:  Byron May

Director:  Betty Veronico

Director:  Ron Strong

Director:  Alice Hendricks




Newsletter Design/Editor: Betty Veronico

Newsletter Staff: Nick Veronico and  Roger Cain

Programs: Nick Veronico

Photographer:  Roger Cain

Web Site:  Roger Cain

Tours:  Dave Osgood

Elections: Bruce Bengtson

Trivia: Bill Stubkjaer & Al Ludlow

Membership & DVD Library: Byron May

Donations /Prizes: Lee Scales

Video: Roger Cain & Byron May

Past SAH Presidents

Dave Osgood 2020-2023

Ron Close 2019

Rick Turner 2018 - 2019 (deceased)

Nick Veronico 2015 - 2017

Alice Hendricks 2011 through 2014

Nick Veronico 2007 through 2010

Norm Jukes 2006

Nick Veronico, Alice Hendricks, and Norm Jukes

Past SAH Directors

Michael Stein 2017

Alice Hendricks 2006 - 2014, 2020

Norm Jukes 2006 - 2014

Byron May 2013 - Current

Amjad Noorani 2012

Vallarie Kilkenny-Jukes 2011 - 2016

Paul Schwafel 2010 - 2011

Rick Pisio 2010 - 2011

Gela DePutter 2009 - 2010

Matthew Mintz 2006 - 2009

Darlene Cain 2007 - 2008

Dave Osgood 2007, Current

Ian Abbott 2006

Ben Donahue 2006

Nick Veronico 2006 - Current

Betty Veronico 2006 - Current

Dan Morgan 2006 - Current

Rick Turner 2006 - 2019

Roger Cain 2006 - Current


If you need to contact any of the board members, click on the name that is underlined. Please read the info in RED above.