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Photographs from the

Bruce Bailey  Collection

Some of the pictures in Bruce's collection are MiG's, RB-47's and RC-135's.

Photographs from the

Dick Hopkins (SAH 030) Collection

Most of the pictures in Dick's collection are Antique and Classic aircraft.

Aircraft in the San Francisco Bay Area photographed by

Earl Holmquist (SAH 020)

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William T. Larkins (SAH 011)

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Air Shows and Fly-Ins

Roger D. Cain (SAH 2) (76 shows listed)

Schellville Airport New Years Day 2010 (new)

2009 San Francisco International Airport (new additions)


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This picture above is of a Pan American Airways Sikorsky S42B, at NAS Alameda.

Photograph taken by William T. Larkins (SAH 011)


This Douglas AD1 was with USS Boxer and is seen at NAS Alameda in 1947.

Photograph taken by William T. Larkins (SAH 011)


This picture is of a Grumman HU-16C Albatross BuN. 131911, at the Napa Airport.

Photographed by William T. Larkins (SAH 011)

SR71Afterburner.jpg F117.jpg

Pictures of an SR-71 in afterburner at Beale AFB in 1997 and an F-117 making a photo pass at Nellis AFB.

Photographs taken by Ron Strong (SAH 038)